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Research for Development (R4D)

R4D means Research for Development. This is a synthesis of two elements, namely Research and Development that seemingly lie on the opposite extremes of the continuum. Research tends to adopt theoretical approach and on producing publications, while Development is more pragmatic in approach and focuses on practical and tangible outcomes of initiatives and activities. In order to complement the two for the betterment of the vulnerable populations, the two are combined. This approach is very effective and has yielded significant results.

The policy and strategy documents on Afghanistan developed by various national and international actors engaged in Afghanistan put a lot of emphasis on the use of research to catalyze the development process in Afghanistan. APWDO too recognizes the importance and relevance of R4D and intends to allocate dedicated resources for research programs on various sustainable development themes. Of course, APWDO also intends to partner with the national and international stakeholders for collaborations and joint-works in this area. 


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