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Behavior Change Communication (BCC)


Strategic Behavioral Communication (SBC), Information, Education and Communication (IEC), Communication for Social Change (CSC), and Behavior Change Communication (BCC) are used interchangeably to imply communication strategies aimed at bringing about positive change in the behavior of a particular community in relation to subjects and areas of public importance. These strategies are used by governments and CSOs worldwide in the areas of health, education, criminology, energy, environment, and development. Through our BCC Services, we provide our client organizations with all the assistance they need to design, implement, and evaluate their BCC strategies in their respective fields.


Determining BBC intervention goals, stakeholder assessment and involvement, target population identification, formative BCC assessments, target population segmentation, determining BCC objectives, designing BBC strategy, designing M&E plan, developing BCC products, Pre-testing, implementation of BCC strategy, feedback and redesign, and implementing the M&E plan.

Potential Clients       

International/multilateral, public, private, and nonprofit sector organizations.

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