• Afghan Paramount Welfare & Development Organization (APWDO)

Democracy & Rule of Law

APWDO is committed to the cause of promoting Democracy and Rule of Law and considers them a pre-requisite for a stable, prosperous, just, developed and progressive Afghanistan, where the state and people feel accountable to each other.

Peace & Reconciliation

APWDO is a member organization of and active contributor to “Afghanistan’s Peace House”, which is a Network of national CSOs striving for a peaceful Afghanistan through advocacy, lobbying, networking, and research on peace related themes.

Agriculture Development

APWDO has vast experience in implementing projects of various sizes in the area of agriculture development and is committed to continue to contribute its bit in the agricultural development efforts of Afghanistan. 


APWDO understands the local trends of livelihood improvements and designing communities based programs to help in building human, natural, physical, financial, political and social assets of affected communities.  

Women Empowerment

Afghan Paramount Welfare and Development Organization (APWDO), as a responsible national civil society organization is committed to contributing its part for ensuring the due rights of Afghan Women in all spheres of life.


Over the years, APWDO has been engaged in and has played an important role for fostering a culture of reading and learning through the provision of facilities, resources and initiatives for the cause of “Education for All”.

Poverty Eradication

This section is under construction.

Youth Development

For APWDO, this remains a high-priority area and we seek partnership opportunities with the national and international stakeholders for developing innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing Afghan youth in terms of their development

Health & WASH

Health and WASH has been a priority area for APWDO since its establishment and we continue to view this area a top priority. APWDO has been playing its role in this field through various projects, both independently and through the kind support of various donor agencies.

Disaster Response

Ecosystem services, soil water content, and conditions and rangelands are most affected by climatic hazards and changes. The effects on food crops and livestock are similarly high. Irrigated and dry land farmers and livestock herders are the most susceptible to the impacts of weather hazards and climatic changes.

Early Recovery & Resilience

APWDO’s presence at community level puts it in a unique position to rapidly respond to early recovery needs during any emergency situation. Understanding the local context, community vulnerability, experience and expertise in linking early recovery with community resilience is a priority area for APWDO.

Capacity Building

Since 2010 many workshops such as Peace Building, Negotiation, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Community Mobilization, Gender, Training of Trainers (ToTs), Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), and many more have been conducted for different levels through Education and Peace Building programs.

Economic Growth & Rural Development

APWDO is committed to contributing to the economic growth of Afghanistan through designing and implementing projects and programs that are responsive to the local needs and offer greater potentials for economic development of the country.

Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET)

Three types of TVET tracts are provided by the government and private sector: Formal TVET, Non-Formal TVET, and Informal TVET. APWDO recognizes the importance of TVET in Afghanistan’s context and has been engaged in various interventions on this theme.

Communication for Development (C4D)

C4D stands for Communications for Development. The contemporary era is that of inclusive societies – meaning all the communities, authorities, and organizations need to undertake developmental initiatives mutually through consultations and timely communication.

Community Development

APWDO has been vital in moderating their narratives, perspectives, and ideas for the welfare of the society and the wellbeing of their communities via the community groups, local bodies, and entities by developing the capacities of institutions and public, private as well as non-governmental agencies

Research for Development (R4D)

APWDO too recognizes the importance of of R4D and intends to allocate dedicated resources for research programs on various sustainable development themes. Of course, APWDO also intends to partner with the national and international stakeholders for collaborations and joint-works in this area. 

Technology for Development (T4D)

Technology can be an effective means to tackling many significant challenges that Afghanistan is currently facing. The importance of T4D cannot be overstated. It can help in creating more jobs, creating sustainable and green systems as well preventing and mitigating risks associated with natural hazards and calamities.

Knowledge Management for Development (KM4D)

APWDO has been complementing the efforts of various stakeholders to share and enhance the overall knowledge for the betterment of the country. We also seek to contribute to the policy discourse and policy development processes in the country as a responsible civil society organization.

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

APWDO understands the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of Afghanistan in the overall context of nation-building. We intend to contribute meaningfully and constructively to the agenda of cultural heritage preservation through the allocation of dedicated resources.

Environmental Protection for Community Resilience

Harsh winters cause serious sufferings for the poor populations and their economic activities get almost stranded during the winter season. The focus of interventions, in this area to-date, has been on immediate humanitarian assistance as post disaster response.


APWDO is committed to contributing to the promotion of a culture of volunteerism in Afghanistan, building on existing norms which are embedded in the social, cultural and religious values of the Afghan society. This remains our core area of focus as we believe the promotion of the culture of volunteerism can play a significant role in social cohesion and nation-building in Afghanistan.


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