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Knowledge Management for Development (KM4D)

Since 2001, Afghanistan has seen a huge number of developmental projects that are aimed at the welfare of the affected population. Over the course of the past two decades, many new practices have been adopted, a huge amount of research and surveys have been conducted, many new plans and approaches have been devised and implemented – in order to sieve the best, standard, and effective plans, techniques, and approaches amongst them, all of these need to be shared and pool together first. This will facilitate in the management of the vast knowledge and experiences, learn from any past mistakes, and build on the same to develop effective plans to overcome the issues and problems of Afghanistan.

APWDO has been complementing the efforts of various stakeholders to share and enhance the overall knowledge for the betterment of the country. This is an area of focus for us and we intend to make use of the KM4D principles and approaches for our organizational learning as well as sharing our experiences with all national and international actors engaged in the development and humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan.

We also seek to constructively contribute to the policy discourse and policy development processes in the country as a responsible civil society organization. We also intend to establish communities of practice (CoPs) on various development and humanitarian themes aimed at providing professionals, researches, academics, individuals and communities to share their experiences and views on the pressing development and humanitarian challenges facing Afghanistan, and propose sustainable solutions to those challenges. The data gathered will also be shared with the relevant government authorities, the international aid agencies, the national civil society organizations as well as other stakeholders for ensuring responsive and inclusive policing making in Afghanistan, which is what is needed in Afghanistan.

Of course, these efforts will require allocation of major resources, which will not be possible without the support of the donor organizations. APWDO is very keen to engage with development and humanitarian aid agencies as well as government authorities for exploring potentials of collaborations in this area.


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