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Community Development

The available data suggests that over the course of next fifteen years, the population of Afghanistan is anticipated to increase many folds. Majority of these people will be required to be provided with the basic amenities of life. As per the ‘Afghanistan Living Conditions Survey: 2013-14’, a bigger proportion of these people, a whopping 74 percent, are projected to live in miserable conditions in the urban centers of the country without any proper housing and basic necessities of life. The number of makeshift quarters for living is steadily growing whilst approximately 29 percent of the poor people have no access to basic needs of life. With the growing rate of urbanization, NSP and projects of the like have laid more emphasis to increase community participation, help them have their say in the affairs of their communities. In this respect, they have been successful in forming 366 urban CDCs and about 1,500 pre-urban CDCs. According to the policies devised in the Citizens’ Charter NPP, this area is in dire need of attention from both the development sector organizations as well as the governmental bodies. 

In this connection, APWDO has carried out many autonomous projects and initiatives as well as donor funded assignments in rendering the civil society with much needed strength by giving heed to their actions that have been decided upon through their mutual sharing of ideas, perspectives and takes on the social, economic, and environmental problems they are faced with.

APWDO has been vital in moderating their narratives, perspectives, and ideas for the welfare of the society and the wellbeing of their communities via the community groups, local bodies, and entities by developing the capacities of institutions and public, private as well as non-governmental agencies by helping them liaise with the citizens to contribute to the change they want to see in their communities. This initiative of APWDO in turn fosters the democratic norms and values within the communities by giving voice to the less privileged masses of the society. As a result of all these actions, it culminates into increasing diversity, social inclusion, equality, and strengthening of social values and principles.

Following is a list of some of the projects implemented by APWDO on this theme:


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