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Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Culturally, Afghanistan is a very rich country that dates back to thousands of years and is an amalgamation of many different cultures due to Greek, Persian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic influences. The built heritage of the country surrounding its historic quarters, monuments, and archaeological sites manifests the country’s rich history at the crossroad of cultures. Because of more than four decades of armed conflict and fanaticism, much of the country’s cultural heritage is either lost or severely damaged.

In this regard, various multilateral, national, and international organizations have been campaigning, in collaboration with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Information and Culture, to preserve and safeguard all aspects of Afghan cultural heritage, including museums, monuments, archeological sites, music, art, and traditions etc. Moreover, efforts are underway to pinpoint more tentative World Heritage Sites in Afghanistan, in order to bring Afghanistan back on the Cultural Map of the World.

We, at APWDO, understand and recognize the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of Afghanistan in the overall context of nation-building. We intend to contribute meaningfully and constructively to the agenda of cultural heritage preservation through the allocation of dedicated resources. More specifically, we intend to work with the government and international community to enhance preservation of Afghanistan’s built heritage, provide livelihood opportunities to underserved communities, enhance the capacity of archaeology and geology university students, relevant department of the ministry of culture and information, and underserved communities on importance of built heritage and its preservation, restoration, and management.

APWDO remains very keen to explore partnership opportunities with the national and international actors for meaningfully contributing to this cause in a coherent, effective and efficient manner.


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