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APWDO is always on the lookout for dynamic individuals and professionals, who are passionate about contributing meaningfully to addressing the human development, humanitarian, socioeconomic, political and peace & reconciliation and nation-building challenges facing Afghanistan. It is part of our organizational mission and vision to be a platform for innovators, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, social & human rights activists, researchers, and development, humanitarian and management practitioners, who share the same vision for meaningfully contributing to the development efforts of Afghanistan. If you feel you are one such individual, please feel free to share with us your CV and expression of interest in collaborating with our organization in any capacity matching your interests and qualification, on the email address given below: 

[email protected]

We also provide internship opportunities to fresh graduates for their placement in the following departments:

  • Program Development 
  • Project Development
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Social & Policy Research
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Technology
  • Other related areas

Expression of interest for becoming part of our team as internee can be submitted on the following email address:

[email protected]

Current Vacant Positions

Vacancy Announcement – CALL FOR RESUMES

Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Specialist

APWDO is seeking to hire services of a Behavior Change Communication Specialist. APWDO intends to undertake BCC interventions both independently and for various stakeholder/clients in Afghanistan with a view to be a major change agent in inculcating positive behaviors in relation to subjects and areas of public importance.

Through our BCC Services, we provide our client organizations with all the assistance they need to design, implement, and evaluate their BCC strategies in various priority areas. The BCC Specialist will be part of our vibrant team who will bring skills and abilities related to area of behaviour change programs.

Leadership Development Trainer

APWDO is seeking to hire services of a Leadership Development Trainer. The new paradigm of organizational practices requires all leaders to be good managers and all managers to be good leaders – the management and leadership paradigms overlap. Through our Leadership and Management Development services, we assist our client organizations in equipping their managers with all the essential skills and to be able to do management the leaders’ way. Through this program, ordinary managers are expected to transform into innovative and thriving leaders who can ensure the success of their organizations.

Through our Leadership Development Services, we provide our client organizations with customized training programs and workshops to cater to their specific needs. The Leadership Development Trainer will be part of our vibrant team who will bring skills and abilities related


APWDO intends to be a leading provider of research services to a variety of stakeholders, who are engaged in the development and humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. These services will comprise of social and policy research, building the research capacities of faculty members of the educational institutions in Afghanistan, and organizations engaged in philanthropic activities.

The contents of our research program offered under the research services, for educational institutions and other organizations, comprise of research/philosophical paradigms (Positivism, Postpositivism, Pragmatism, Critical Theory, Constructivism, and Social Constructionism), research methodologies (Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed-Methods), research designs (Surveys, Case Studies, Narrative, Phenomenology, Ethnography, Feminism, Grounded Theory, Biography etc.), research methods (data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation techniques), and literature review.

Further, APWDO has been actively engaged in social and policy research in its areas of focus, with the aim to position itself to substantively contribute to the policy discourse and evidence-based public policy making and to be able to propose adequate solutions to the pressing social, political, economic, and human development challenges facing Afghanistan.

For this purpose, APWDO has established a policy and research department, which serves both as the provider of research services highlighted above as well as mandated with designing and conducting social and policy research programs.

APWDO is currently looking for a dynamic and experienced policy & research analyst possessing excellent research, analytical, leadership and management abilities. The incumbent will be the focal point for all policy and research related affairs of the organization. The incumbent will work under the direct supervision of the APWDO Director of Programme Development & Quality.



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