• Afghan Paramount Welfare & Development Organization (APWDO)

Ongoing Projects

APWDO continues to make significant strides in addressing critical needs across various sectors in Afghanistan. Here are the ongoing projects for 2023 and 2024:

  1. Food Security and Nutrition Initiatives:
    • Emergency Food/Cash Assistance: Providing essential food and cash support to communities in IPC 3 and 4 categories, targeting areas affected by natural disasters and economic challenges. Supported by UN OCHA
    • Nutrition for Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLWs): Enhancing nutritional access and health for 16,000 PLWs in Kunar provinces, through UNICEF-supported nutrition-sensitive cash transfers​.
  1. Shelter and Non-Food Items (NFI):
    • Emergency Winterization Assistance: Delivering critical winter aid including heating, blankets, and winter clothing to families in Badakhshan and Kunar provinces, improving resilience against harsh winter conditions​​ covering a total of 3000 direct beneficiaries. 
  1. Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution:
    • Community-Based Peacebuilding Programs: Establishing peace committees and capacity building for local Shura to enhance community cohesion and resolve conflicts, with ongoing projects in four provinces funded by the FCDO​.
  1. Women Empowerment:
    • Economic and Skill Development: APWDO is dedicated to supporting women’s economic empowerment through skill development and vocational training, particularly in traditional crafts. While the Goldozi Project, previously in partnership with USAID and FHI 360, has been suspended, APWDO continues to advance women’s empowerment through skill-building programs. These initiatives are currently active in four provinces, empowering 160 women and girls by enhancing their vocational skills and economic opportunities
  1. Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock:
    • Sustainable Agriculture Development: Implementing projects to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability, focusing on providing inputs for wheat production, horticulture, and livestock services across various provinces​.
  1. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH):
    • Access to Clean Drinking Water: Projects aimed at improving access to safe drinking water and promoting hygiene practices in Eastern and Southern Afghanistan, enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable communities​.
  1. Education and Capacity Building:
    • Community-Based Education (CBE): Running educational initiatives aimed at reducing barriers to education, including special programs for disabled students and extensive teacher training to enhance educational delivery​​ for approximately 10,000 out-of-school children with the partnership of  UN OCHA and Save the Children

Each of these projects is designed with the community’s needs at the forefront, ensuring sustainable impact and alignment with Afghanistan’s development goals. APWDO’s commitment to these initiatives demonstrates our dedication to fostering resilience and prosperity in Afghan communities.


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