• Afghan Paramount Welfare & Development Organization (APWDO)

Health & WASH

As per the United Nations’ SDG, ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’, universal health coverage should be attained by 2030. The UN SDG on “Clean Water and Sanitation” contains similar provisions as part of the 2030 Agenda. Afghanistan significantly lags behind in the provision of services and facilities related to healthcare. It has one of the highest rates of infant mortality while a large number of women die from pregnancy-related issues.

To address the challenges, facing Afghanistan in terms of ensuring a healthier population, requires closer synergies among stakeholders engaged in this sector and mobilization of the available resources wisely.

Health and WASH has been a priority area for APWDO since its establishment and we continue to view this area a top priority. APWDO has been playing its role in this field through various projects, both independently and through the kind support of various donor agencies.

The list below highlights some of the undertakings of APWDO in this area:


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