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OD & Change Management


Environmental dynamics are compelling organizations, in Afghanistan, to respond and adjust themselves with the changing realities. Organizational flexibility to respond to changes in the environment and stay in harmony with the context is a critical factor in determining organizational success. Through our professional consultants in the fields of OD and change management, we provide our clients with the services needed to acquire up-to-date management practices and adjust with the environmental changes. Our OD and change interventions are aimed at converting ordinary organizations to learning organizations that can survive and flourish in the face of political, economic, social, and marketplace changes. We use the Action Research Model in conducting OD interventions.


Preliminary data collection & diagnosis, feedback to key clients, comprehensive & joint data collection and diagnosis, joint action planning, action, and data collection & M&E.       

Potential Clients       

Public, private/business, and nonprofit sector organizations that are struggling with increasing their productivity, survival, and expanding their operations.

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