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Career Counselling Services


The students of academic institutes need to make sensible and rational choices in relation to pursuing particular careers and the degree programs that will lead them to achieve their career goals. We believe that each school, college, and higher educational institution needs to have teachers who can readily provide career counseling to their students. We provide excellent career counseling services to the academic institutes in the establishment of their own career counseling department that will add to their service quality and benefit their students and the Afghan society at large.


Through our Career Counselling services we provide training to teachers on the following topics: basics of career counselling, roles of career counsellors, making students career aspirant, understanding of self interests, aptitude, & potential, understanding the world of work, assisting students to develop career alternatives based on their potentials, and assisting students in preparation and planning for careers.  

 Potential Clients

APWDO’s potential clients for this service are schools, colleges, and universities. 

Need to Avail this Service?

If you are interested in availing Career Counselling services, please contact us at:
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