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Government Official of the Year Program 2020
Government Official of the Year Program 2021

Government Official of the Year Program 2020

APWDO has implement the first phase of Government Official of the Year Program Successfully in three provinces from July 1st 2020 to September 1st 2020 at Nangarhar, Kunar, and Laghman Province. The activity was launched accorded in three provinces. Nine government officials stood to compete. A total of 16,543 votes were cast by local people for the nine Candidates. The results were announced following magnificent ceremonies in all provinces with the pleasing existence of Local government heads, directorate heads, and H.E. Governors.

Bellow candidates are the Runner Ups in each province. They secured the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades in provincial level based on the number of votes casted to them by local population.

Province Candidates Name Candidate Position Number of Votes Casted to Candidate Result
Nangarhar Abdul Qahar Haidari Chairman of Nangarhar Wadi Agricultural Company 426 3rd position holder
Fatana Aziz Zazai Director of Women’s Affairs 1095 2nd position holder
Fazal Rabi Hamim Director of Technical and Sectoral Services 4513 1st position holder
Kunar Ahmad Nabi Stanikzai Director of Kunar Reform and Civil Service 4751 1st position holder
Obaidullah Aminzai Director of Technical and Sectoral Services of Kunar province 1243 2nd position holder
Sohela Babur Director of Women’s Affairs of Kunar Province 131 3rd position holder
Laghman Azizulhaq Sadat Procurement Manager of Laghman University 482 2nd position holder
Abdullah Azam Recruitment Manager 959 1st position holder
Nasima Shafiq Sadat Director of Women’s Affairs 89 3rd position holder


  • Reached to the farthest point of each of the regions and engaged more than 20,000 local domestic populations who took part in an anti-corruption movement.
  • This community engagement has directly / indirectly changed the concepts of dozens of local populations against the different departments in local governments.
  • Accountability, transparency and integrity is promoted in local government.
  • The spirit of zero tolerance against corruption is promoted.
  • The local government officials in parallel department engaged gravely in the process & inquired information about the essence of this competition.
  • The nine elected candidates from the different department is recognized as symbols of trustworthiness. The programs widely affected their fellow mates to conduct more effectively and honestly.
  • The local community residents found it an incentive-generating program for other government employees to conduct more justly and efficiently.

Government Official of the Year Program 2021

Program Introduction:

Soon after the successful completion of the 1st Phase and successful result obtained, UNDP granted APWDO the Second Phase of this Program. The theme of the program remains unchanged and it will be organized in three different provinces this time.

Hereby, to walk the trend of truthfulness and honesty, transparency, integrity, and accountability among the local-government staff, we have initiated a provincial level program titled as “Government Officials of the Year Program” In Ghor, Badghis, and Takhar Provinces. The Program is supported by UNDP and Royal Danish Embassy, and it is implemented by Afghan Paramount Welfare and Development Organization (APWDO). The program will end up by selecting the transparent, honest, and competent employee in the mentioned provinces.

“Government officials of the Year Program” is designed and implemented as a zonal-wide motivational platform for local government supervisory staff that will automatically lay the foundations of transparency, honesty, and truthfulness in the region. The idea of the program is to organize an inter-departmental and inter-ministry competition program between local directorates, ministries, provincial authorities, and the like. Ultimately, after an assessment phase, the three candidates from each province is chosen and introduced as final runner up for this program. After two months online voting, each of the three runner ups from mentioned provinces will secure places as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runner ups. The candidate’s selection criteria are determined based on their productive services, transparency, integrity, and truthfulness followed by positive recommendations of their directors and beneficiaries. The winners will be publicized through print and online media and will lay a great impact on fellow government employees to adopt and practice honestly and fight against corruption in the local systems.

Candidates Identification & online voting:

Local authorities / in-line directorates, and community-based beneficiaries will help us identify the candidates. Once identified, the candidates will be introduced as 3 runner ups in each province. They will be regionally publicized. An online or real-time E-Polling portal is designed to collect the votes for a definite period of 2 months. Then, each candidate will secure a place by means of the highest number of votes amongst others. He/she will be awarded with admiration, recommendation for possible promotions, and will determinedly be introduced as a role model for other youths in the area.

Program Objectives:

The program objectives are to promote and encourage transparency and accountability among the government staff through rewarding, publicizing, and appreciating the honest government employees.

Program Impacts:

The effective results of “Government Officials of the Year Program” will re-awake the spirit of “Zero Tolerance against Corruption” among the local communities. Meanwhile, beneficiaries will understand the know-how of fighting, raising voices, and combatting against the on-going corruption and injustice in the private and public sectors.

Program Name Government Officials of the Year Program II
Genre Open Source & Real-time Voting Competition
Program Supported by UNDP and Royal Danish Embassy
Program Implemented by APWDO – Afghan Paramount Welfare and Development Organization
Program Start and End Date April 15, 2021 – June 15, 2021 (Two Months)
Online voting Dates & Period April 15, 2021 – June 15, 2021 (Two Months)
Voting Means E-Polling www.apwdo.org / SMS
Target Provinces Ghor / Badghis / Takhar
Candidates Information Governmental Employees from local Directorates, Ministries and Provincial Departments.
Please refer to Candidate’s Bio Section by clicking here
Candidates Selection Criteria Transparency, Integrity, Honesty, Accountability,
Achievements, Recommendations from Public & Authorities
Candidates Selection & Program Agenda
  1. Five government authorities are proposed by Local Government (Department heads, Governor Office, Public)
  2. Following an in-depth observation/assessment of the proposed candidates:
    three finalists will be chosen and introduced to the program
  3. Each province will introduce three final candidates from three local government directorates
  4. The three final runner ups will compete two months through online voting process. They will secure the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places based on the received votes from public.
Program Close-out
  1. 1 runner ups will be introduced as the winner of the program for each province (one for each province)
  2. The 3 (1st runner-ups) will be advertised and rewarded
  3. The program will be closed